Flying to Greece
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Flying to Greece


Between April & October, there are direct flights to Athens Greece out of JFK with Delta.  Philadelphia has direct flights as well with American.  It’s about a 10 hour flight.

There are also direct flights from all major European cities to Athens and the Greek islands. So if you’re doing one of our tours, it’s easy for us to add on extra days and locations to and from Greece.

We’re experts in finding the best flights, connections, and the best prices.  We believe in travel with maximum ease.


Booking your tickets using airline miles has never been easier.

We’ll help you find the best possible flight schedule using the fewest miles.  Then, we’ll make all the arrangements- simple!


Airline tickets from the USA to Athens in economy class can range from $800 during low-season to thousands of dollars if you book them last minute.

An average price for a round-trip ticket to Athens in economy class is approximately $1,300 round-trip inclusive of all taxes.

Business class ticket average price is $3,550 round-trip inclusive of all taxes.


We have access to more than 4,800 private jets and we can offer a variety of private charter flights.

Enjoy the comfort of a private jet for your long & medium haul flights such as

New York – Athens or

London – Athens or

even between the Greek islands!

Our unique Jet Sharing Offer gives you the opportunity to purchase one or more seats at affordable prices aboard a private jet flight already confirmed by one of our clients!

If you’re interested, call us to check dates & availability.


Enjoy Greece’s awe-inspiring beauty from an unforgettable bird’s eye view.

Our helicopters are state-of-the-art.  They feature a large cabin area with great sightseeing windows for unobstructed views.  Perfect for enjoying the scenery and taking incredible aerial photos as you travel.